Whether you are a Doormen, bellhops, Concierges, bartenders, maids and housekeepers, front desk managers, a visitor, or even a resident everyone in La Bella Vita Casino & Resort is living the suite life.

    Hotel Jobs!

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    Hotel Jobs! Empty Hotel Jobs!

    Post by Eric Molson on Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:11 pm

    Service positions include maids and housekeepers, janitors and food preparers. Other service positions include servers, bartenders and dining room workers. Hotels also may require personnel to maintain the grounds and landscaping, and if the property has a casino, it needs gaming employees from managers to dealers.

    Doormen, bellhops and baggage porters assist with luggage and show guests to their rooms. They also direct taxi lines and run valet stands. Concierges help guests with special requests such as event tickets, restaurant reservations, and local tips and babysitting services.

    Hotel desk clerks interact directly with hotel guests when checking in and out of the hotel.

    If you're a rich and lucky enough to live in La Bella Vita Casino & Resort.

    Other jobs:
    Blackjack dealer
    Entertainers (dancers, singers, magicians)

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